An ICT Based Solution for Pesticides Authenticity Verification: A Case of Tanzania

Catherine Cleophace Ngirwa 1 * , Mussa Ally 1

J INFORM SYSTEMS ENG, Volume 3, Issue 4, Article No: 27.

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Pesticides authenticity is important for human health and environmental protection also economic progress of users, dealers and the government benefits through levies. In order to ensure that authentic pesticides are sold in Tanzania, laws have been enacted and government bodies given mandate to enforce these laws. Despite the efforts, counterfeits are found in markets. Companies that spend a lot in research so as to produce authentic pesticides products end up losing hope as no substantial return in investment. This study targets on an ICT based solution for pesticides authenticity verification in the market which is a case study of Arusha region. In order to prove the need for the solution, literature review has been done and presentation of data gathered from the identified three groups of pesticides stakeholders, which are regulatory authority, registrants/formulators/importers and users preferably farmers all from Arusha region. The findings from the collected data reveals that, despite high awareness on availability of counterfeit pesticides among respondents, still most of them declared to have been buying counterfeits. Hence, there is a need of more reliable ICT based solution to help pesticides users in authenticity verification of products during purchase.


ICT, pesticides, authentic pesticides, counterfeit pesticides, ODK




Ngirwa, C. C., and Ally, M. (2018). An ICT Based Solution for Pesticides Authenticity Verification: A Case of Tanzania. Journal of Information Systems Engineering & Management, 3(4), 27.

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