Practical Validation of Economic Efficiency Modelling Method for Multi-Boiler Heating System
Aleksejs Jurenoks 1 * , Svetlana Jurenoka 1, Leonids Novickis 1
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1 Riga Technical University, LATVIA
* Corresponding Author


In up-to-date conditions information technology is frequently associated with the modelling process, using computer technology as well as information networks. Statistical modelling is one of the most widespread methods of research of economic systems. The selection of methods of modelling of the economic systems depends on a great number of conditions of the researched system. Modelling is frequently associated with the factor of uncertainty (or risk), who’s description goes outside the confines of the traditional statistical modelling, which, in its turn, complicates the modelling which, in its turn, complicates the modelling process. This article describes the modelling process of assessing the economic efficiency of a multi-boiler adaptive heating system in real-time systems which allows for dynamic change in the operation scenarios of system service installations while enhancing the economic efficiency of the system in consideration.


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Article Type: Research Article

J INFORM SYSTEMS ENG, 2017 - Volume 2 Issue 4, Article No: 26

Publication date: 22 Dec 2017

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