Multi-model Software Process Improvement based on C2M and MR-MPS-SW Models
Jeferson K. M. Vieira 1 2 * , Ivaldir de Farias Junior 3, Hermano P. de Moura 2, Dennis Sávio Martins da Silva 4
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1 Federal University of Ceará, Campus Quixadá, Ceará, BRAZIL
2 Federal University of Pernambuco, Informatic Center, Pernambuco, BRAZIL
3 University of Pernambuco, Campus Garanhuns, Pernambuco, BRAZIL
4 Federal University of Piauí, Piauí, BRAZIL
* Corresponding Author


The pursuit of competitive advantage has boosted organizations to improve their development processes. With this, a range of maturity models for software development processes has emerged on the market. In this sense, research efforts have been increasingly necessary to understand how organizations should deal with the various maturity models, given the heterogeneity of the characteristics of these models. In this context, this work aims to propose a mapping between MR-MPS-SW and C2M models. The proposed mapping was reviewed and evaluated by five experts with experience in software process improvement. This mapping allowed us to identify that 82.2% of C2M practices with some type of coverage for the expected MR-MPS-SW results. Finally, it is possible to see that the models here mapped are not conflicting, but rather complementary, with C2M being partially adherent to MR-MPS-SW.


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Article Type: Research Article

J INFORM SYSTEMS ENG, 2020 - Volume 5 Issue 4, Article No: em0127

Publication date: 08 Sep 2020

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