Development of Business Activity Monitoring Application to Increase Competitiveness: A Case Study
Charles Martino 1 * , Johanes Fernandes Andry 1
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1 Faculty of Technology and Design, Universitas Bunda Mulia, Jakarta, INDONESIA
* Corresponding Author


As the number of internet users goes up, Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies will compete to gain new customers. An ISP company has difficulty in tracking their client request’s progress, that result in poor customer service, which in turn lead to bad review about the company. This along with their internal communication problem bring a negative impact on their competitiveness. A Business Application Monitoring (BAM) application was proposed to solve their problems. This BAM will track all of their business activities including clients’ requests and allow communication per activity. The development of the BAM uses Extreme Programming (XP) methodology to reduce development time while keeping the software quality. The development process consists of five parts, namely planning, design, coding, testing, and software increment. The result of this research shows that XP greatly reduces the development time while still able to maintain code quality. The company also able to track all of their business activities and allow a more controlled communication within an activity; which resulting in reduced bottlenecks on service delivery time, improved customer service quality by allowing activities status continuously informed to the customer, and increased competitiveness to compete against a stronger competitor.


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Article Type: Research Article

J INFORM SYSTEMS ENG, 2020 - Volume 5 Issue 1, Article No: em0110

Publication date: 06 Mar 2020

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