Journal of Information Systems Engineering and Management

A Review of Usage and Applications of Social Media Analytics
Shadrack Stephen Madila 1 * , Mussa Ally Dida 1, Shubi Kaijage 1
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1 School of Computational & Communication Science and Engineering (CoCSE) Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST), TANZANIA
* Corresponding Author
Review Article

Journal of Information Systems Engineering and Management, 2021 - Volume 6 Issue 3, Article No: em0141

Published Online: 28 May 2021

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In-text citation: (Madila et al., 2021)
Reference: Madila, S. S., Dida, M. A., & Kaijage, S. (2021). A Review of Usage and Applications of Social Media Analytics. Journal of Information Systems Engineering and Management, 6(3), em0141.
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Reference: Madila SS, Dida MA, Kaijage S. A Review of Usage and Applications of Social Media Analytics. J INFORM SYSTEMS ENG. 2021;6(3):em0141.
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In-text citation: (1), (2), (3), etc.
Reference: Madila SS, Dida MA, Kaijage S. A Review of Usage and Applications of Social Media Analytics. J INFORM SYSTEMS ENG. 2021;6(3), em0141.
In-text citation: (Madila et al., 2021)
Reference: Madila, Shadrack Stephen, Mussa Ally Dida, and Shubi Kaijage. "A Review of Usage and Applications of Social Media Analytics". Journal of Information Systems Engineering and Management 2021 6 no. 3 (2021): em0141.
In-text citation: (Madila et al., 2021)
Reference: Madila, S. S., Dida, M. A., and Kaijage, S. (2021). A Review of Usage and Applications of Social Media Analytics. Journal of Information Systems Engineering and Management, 6(3), em0141.
In-text citation: (Madila et al., 2021)
Reference: Madila, Shadrack Stephen et al. "A Review of Usage and Applications of Social Media Analytics". Journal of Information Systems Engineering and Management, vol. 6, no. 3, 2021, em0141.
This paper presents the report of a social media analytics (SMA) review. The review conducted to find out the methods and tools used in social media analytics, types of social media platforms which the SMA are performed and the field which SMA has been performed. Social media contains a lot of user uploaded data in different formats like text, images, photos, video etc. These large volumes of data are converted in meaningful information which can be understood using different methods and tools which are called social media analytics. A literature review of articles published between 2010-2020 has been conducted using articles obtained from reputable databases IEEE Xplore, ACM digital, Emerald insight, Springer Link and Science direct. A number of 44 articles have been selected for review from 110 retrieved papers. The paper has been reviewed according to the study objectives. The study found that SMA tools and techniques which have been used are sentiment analysis, youtube analytics, visible intelligence, IBM Watson tool and predictive models. The social media platforms which were mostly used are twitter, facebook, youtube, trip advisor and blogs. SMA has been observed in different fields like agriculture, politics, health, social and business sector.
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