Visualization System for Monitoring Data Management Systems

Emanuel Pinho 1, Alexandre Carvalho 1 *

J INFORM SYSTEMS ENG, Volume 1, Issue 4, Article No: 48.

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Usually, a Big Data system has a monitoring system for performance evaluation and error prevention. There are some disadvantages in the way that these tools display the information and its targeted approach to physical components. The main goal is to study visual and interactive mechanisms that allow the representation of monitoring data in grid computing environments, providing the end-user information, which can contribute objectively to the system analysis. This paper is an extension of the paper presented at (Pinho and Carvalho 2016) and has the purpose to present the state of the art, carries out the proposed solution and present the achieved goals.


Grid computing, Monitoring, Human-machine interaction, Graphical, Visual


Pinho, E., and Carvalho, A. (2016). Visualization System for Monitoring Data Management Systems. Journal of Information Systems Engineering & Management, 1(4), 48.

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