E-banking services: Why fraud is important?

Rute Abreu 1 * , Fátima David 1, Liliane Segura 2

J INFORM SYSTEMS ENG, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp. 111-121.


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The purpose of this paper is to answer the importance of fraud that arise from the use of e-banking services more ethical behavior applied to everyday moral problems. On the one hand, the theoretical framework of this paper is based on literature about ethics and fraud, in general, and information and communication technology of the e-banking services, in particular. On the other hand, the empirical framework reflects the practices in this field of research used by banks with public data available on the Portuguese Banking Association. The results of the paper mitigate risks, such as show several threats, vulnerabilities, incidents, impacts and responses that face e-banking services.


ethics, fraud, e-banking services, Portugal


Abreu, R., David, F., and Segura, L. (2016). E-banking services: Why fraud is important?. Journal of Information Systems Engineering & Management, 1(2), pp. 111-121. https://doi.org/10.20897/lectito.201617

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