Do It Yourself solution of Internet of Things Healthcare System: Measuring body parameters and environmental parameters affecting health
Mirjana Maksimović 1 * , Vladimir Vujović 1, Branko Perišić 2
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1 University of East Sarajevo, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
2 University of Novi Sad, SERBIA
* Corresponding Author


The rapid advancements in information and communications technologies (ICT) and the increasing number of smart things shift an old-fashioned healthcare system to a model better suited for a population of the 21st century. New healthcare approaches based on Internet of Things (IoT)/Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) powered systems make health monitoring, diagnostics and treatment more personalized, timely and convenient, enabling a global approach to the healthcare system infrastructure development. Commercial systems in this area exist in various forms but usually do not fit the general patient needs, and those that do are usually economically unacceptable due to the high operational and development costs. Do It Yourself (DIY) healthcare, including mobile applications and consumer medical devices, nowadays is the top healthcare trend. Therefore, this paper, based on well-known low-cost technologies, presents a DIY IoMT solution for observing human vital parameter as well as environmental factors affecting health.


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Article Type: Research Article

J INFORM SYSTEMS ENG, 2016 - Volume 1 Issue 1, pp. 25-39

Publication date: 10 Mar 2016

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