Identifying User Profiles from Statistical Grouping Methods

Francisco Kelsen de Oliveira 1 2 * , Max Brandão de Oliveira 3, Alex Sandro Gomes 2, Leandro Marques Queiros 2

Journal of Information Systems Engineering & Management, Volume 3, Issue 1, Article No: 06.

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This research aimed to group users into subgroups according to their levels of knowledge about technology. Statistical hierarchical and non-hierarchical clustering methods were studied, compared and used in the creations of the subgroups from the similarities of the skill levels with these users’ technology. The research sample consisted of teachers who answered online questionnaires about their skills with the use of software and hardware with educational bias. The statistical methods of grouping were performed and showed the possibilities of groupings of the users. The analyses of these groups allowed to identify the common characteristics among the individuals of each subgroup. Therefore, it was possible to define two subgroups of users, one with skill in technology and another with skill with technology, so that the partial results of the research showed two main algorithms for grouping with 92% similarity in the formation of groups of users with skill with technology and the other with little skill, confirming the accuracy of the techniques of discrimination against individuals.


statistical methods, teacher profiles, skills with technology, user grouping, similarity of profiles




Oliveira, F. K. D., Oliveira, M. B. D., Gomes, A. S., and Queiros, L. M. (2018). Identifying User Profiles from Statistical Grouping Methods. Journal of Information Systems Engineering & Management, 3(1), 06.

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